Propel 2 API


Behavior Information about behaviors of a table.
Column A class for holding data about a column used in an application.
ColumnDefaultValue A class for holding a column default value.
ConstraintNameGenerator A <code>NameGenerator</code> implementation for table-specific constraints.
Database A class for holding application data structures.
Domain A class for holding data about a domain used in the schema.
ForeignKey A class for information about table foreign keys.
IdMethodParameter Information related to an ID method strategy.
Index Information about indices of a table.
Inheritance A class for information regarding possible objects representing a table.
MappingModel An abstract model class to represent objects that belongs to a schema like databases, tables, columns, indices, unices, foreign keys...
NameFactory A name generation factory.
PhpNameGenerator A <code>NameGenerator</code> implementation for PHP-esque names.
PropelTypes A class that maps PropelTypes to PHP native types and PDO types.
Schema A class for holding application data structures.
ScopedMappingModel Data about an element with a name and optional namespace, schema and package attributes.
Table Data about a table used in an application.
Unique Information about unique columns of a table.
VendorInfo Object to hold vendor specific information.


IdMethod Interface for various ID retrieval method types (i.e.
MappingModelInterface An interface for representing mapping model objects.
NameGenerator The generic interface to a name generation algorithm.