Propel 2 API


ConnectionManagerMasterSlave Manager for master/slave connection to a datasource.
ConnectionManagerSingle Manager for single connection to a datasource.
ConnectionWrapper Wraps a Connection class, providing nested transactions, statement cache, and logging.
DebugPDO Connection wrapper class with debug enabled by default.
PdoConnection PDO extension that implements ConnectionInterface and builds statements implementing StatementInterface.
ProfilerConnectionWrapper Connection class with profiling abilities.
ProfilerStatementWrapper Statement class with profiling abilities.
PropelPDO Class kept for BC sake - the functionality of the old PropelPDO class was moved to: - AbstractConnection for the nested transactions, and logging - PDOConnection for the PDO wrapper
StatementWrapper Wraps a Statement class, providing logging.


ConnectionInterface Interface for Propel Connection object.
SqlConnectionInterface Interface for Propel Connection object.
StatementInterface Interface for Propel Connection object.